How To Organize A Fashion Show In 10 Steps

Everyone loves a fashion show, the lights, the music, the stage, the drama, the clothes, the models, the invitees with all manner of fashion styles, class, poise, attitudes.

For an aspiring fashion designer, obsessed with anything fashion, wanting to organize your own fashion show will be a giant and nerve-wracking step to take. It is important to take a deep breath and look at the reason why you need to organize a show, and then plunge in. You don’t have to get it right the first time–big shows still have their flaws–but you can make your first attempt a success simply by applying some tried and trusted ways to organize one. Here’s a beginners basic guide to organizing a fashion show:


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    Decide on a location and the kind of place you want, considering factors such as size and location. Just make sure the venue you pick can accommodate a stage sizable enough for your models to be able to walk on.

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    Music is one of the really fun parts about organizing a fashion show. The kind of music you want should match the kind of fashion on display. It should fit the occasion and the purpose. The music can be slow or fast depending on what you're doing.

    It is also important to get a license for the purpose of playing loud music, from the relevant authorities, and of course, the management of the venue should be informed about how loudly you intend to play your music.

    Make sure you speak to the D.J ahead of time, to be certain about the songs that are going to get played, and if you want to compose original sounds, make sure it is cheap and does not outweigh the cost of your show. Since you're just starting out, a friend who knows how to D.J can be of immense help.

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    Generally, people don't attend shows organized by “rookies” because people don't know them or they are not sure of the quality of their work. In order to ensure a crowd at your event, invite other local designers, who will be thrilled to showcase their work and of course encourage you.

    This also ensures fun at the program, because the idea of one designer showcasing their collection might be a bit boring. To spice up the event, add different collaborations and who knows, there might be a thing or two might learn from them.

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    Depending on you fashion show and the kind of models you want to showcase your clothes, you should call an audition, which doesn't have to be expensive.

    It is also important to contact the other designers for your show to help select models for the event, since they will be showcasing their own collection, they would also want to make a choice on the kind of model thy are looking for depending on the kind of fashion they will be showcasing.

    You could charge a small fee for buying forms, or you could make it free, and invite everyone, to make the event more fun.

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    Hair and makeup

    Make sure you get the hairstyles and make up of your models right. They are unique and they should fit the idea of your fashion collection, and if you want people to be raving about it for weeks to come, it should also be totally dramatic. Just be creative.

    This doesn't have to be expensive either, as you could ask friends who know how to use make up and do hair to help out.

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    Tickets price

    Keep prices very reasonable, as you do not want people avoiding the show, because the prices are too high. You should make it affordable and accessible to all, but not cutting yourself so short that you do not make any profits.

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    Use social media

    You might not be able to afford mainstream advertisement, but you can use social media to get your message out to as many people as possible.

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    Rehearse with the team(models, behind the scene crew, performers etc). Whatever you need to put into the show to make it come alive, rehearse and rehearse with them to perfection before D-day.

    You don't necessarily have to use the event venue for rehearsals. You might be able to find a place where everyone could meet and rehearse until your team knows what they are doing. You don't want any one embarrassing you or themselves that day.

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    Papparazzi are one of your priced possessions for the show; they make everything look great and create that great party atmosphere. You could hire a friend with a good camera, who has a bunch of friends and good cameras, to cover the program and add spice to the show.

    To make it seem more “Hollywood”, get a red carpet and a video coverage to interview both guests and designers. This is all about the fun and how creative you can get. Don't hold back.

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    Make sure your event starts on time and everyone that is suppose to be there, arrives early enough. When people come late and an events starts late, that's when there is confusion and things could easily go wrong. You would want to make sure everyone is ready the moment the curtains come up.

    Your team should know what they should be doing, from helping the models in their changing rooms, to prepping them on who's up next, to hair and make up, music, and technicians.

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    Watch other shows and see what you enjoy about them, learn how to organize and plan and study and prepare for the event. Prepare and study all you need to, learn as much as possible, prepare months ahead before action. Then, take the bold step in to the spotlight.

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