How to Pack your Camera Bag for a Shoot

The camera bag is of great importance as it protects your precious camera from scratches, dusts and possible damages. Before you go on a photo shoot, always make sure your camera bag is well organized and everything is easily accessible in it.

Making your mind up what to place in your camera bag can be a confusing task, but not having the required camera accessories could result in getting bad photo shots or even no photo shot at all. Once you nicely pack your camera bag for a photo shoot, life during the photo session will be very easier to manage.

Things Required:

– Plastic Bags
– Clean Wash Cloth
– Camera Bag
– Camera Batteries
– Camera Filters
– Camera Flashes
– Camera Lenses
– Camera Monopods
– Camera Repair Kit
– Camera Tripod
– Camera
– Camera Film
– Lens Cleaner
– Lens Hood
– Light Meter
– Bubble wrap Sheets
– Old T-shirts or Wash Clothes


  • 1

    Select Your Camera Bag

    First of all carefully select a bag for your camera, keeping its accessories and the photo shoot location in mind.

  • 2

    Make a Checklist

    Now make a checklist of the required photography tools for you shoot and set them aside.

  • 3

    Clean the Select Tools

    Use a clean and dry wash cloth to properly clean the selected camera accessories.

  • 4

    Wrap the Selected Tools

    Once clean well, wrap the camera and its accessories in several layers of a good quality bubble wrap sheets. It will not only protect the tools from possible damages, but will also help to take up impacts that are sure to happen along the way to photography spot.

  • 5

    Pack Your Camera Bag

    Properly arrange the camera accessories in the selected bag. Carefully place all the camera gear at the bottom of the bag, especially designed to carry weight and exclusive electronic gear. Pack them in such a way that there is some suitable space for the remaining items shift around the base of the bag.

    Position the light metre, camera films, lenses and flash on the top of the packed gear. Now put your camera in away from the hard and jagged objects that could knock against it and damage. Place the batteries, repair kit and other tools in the side pockets of your camera bag.

  • 6

    Fill the Space

    Fill the space around the packed camera accessories for more protection and padding. Old T-shirts and wash clothes make good space fillers. Otherwise, the especially designed camera fillers are easily available in the market.

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