How to Perform an Arm Bar Takedown

Martial arts or wrestling is not all about attack. Your defence needs to be as strong as any other thing, if you wish to overcome an opponent. Sometimes, your rival doesn’t have much power and lacks the skills to fight you too. In that case, you can afford to be on the attack.

However, things are different when you are facing someone twice your size. In that case, you will not be able to continue the aggressive mode for long. You will have to face the wrath of your opponent too, which needs to be countered properly.

If you are aware of the arm bar takedown, you can defend the most brutal of attacks without any problem.


  • 1

    Get in shape

    No matter you are a defensive wrestler or an aggressive one, you need to be in shape. If you are not fit and agile, you will be overpowered pretty quickly. So, hit the gym regularly and maintain a healthy diet. Without doing these things, you should not get involved in any wrestling or street fight.

  • 2

    Stay active

    During a fight, you need to be alert all the time otherwise you will have to suffer the consequences. If your opponent is on the defensive, you might start taking him/her easy. This is the biggest mistake a fighter can make. Some experienced fighters use this tactic to deceive their rivals, so you should be aware of that.

  • 3

    Break the grip of your opponent

    When your rival attacks, he/she will look to grab your shirt or collar in order to pin you down on the floor. Make sure you don’t let that happen, but if you fail to avoid it, break the grip of your rival by pushing him/he backwards. You can do this by grabbing the opponent’s sleeve or wrist.

  • 4

    Hold your opponent around the waist

    Once you have broken the grip, hold your opponent around the waist, so that you can force him/her down. Position yourself in a bear hug, so that the other person cannot move freely.

  • 5

    Kick your opponent down

    Now, you need to kick your opponent on the Achilles tendon in order to destabilise him/her. Once he/she is off balance, you can easily finish the move off by bringing the attacker down.

  • 6

    Complete the arm bar

    Finally, you can complete your move by standing over your opponent’s head and throwing yourself into the arm bar.

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