How to Perform the Smell Test Trick

Performing a smell test trick is not that difficult. You will be required to follow recommended tips and techniques to perform this task effectively. Most magicians consider this trick very difficult to perform but luckily the steps involved to perform this magic are very simple. Doing the smell test magic, you will ask one of the spectators to come up to the stage. The spectator is then asked to place their hands behind their back with a coin placed in one of their hands and the magician will be expected to correctly identify the hand with the penny.


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    Before doing anything else, you will need to make sure that you have the skills and ability to perform this trick in front of the audience. Performing magic requires self confidence, determination and ability to deceive people. If you believe you have what it takes to perform this magic successfully, you must prepare a list of items required. It is also advised to learn tricks such as nose accessing and eye accessing. Pay attention to the nose at all times if possible as this will help you get this job done extremely effectively and efficiently.

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    Greet the spectators and audience when you are ready to perform the right in front of them. Introduce yourself as a magician and then ask one of the spectators to come up on the stage. Ask someone to hide a penny in one of their hands behind their back. You can either give the spectator a penny or ask him or her to use their own. In either case, the people will be expecting you to perform the magic successfully.

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    Now place the penny in the spectator’s hand as ask them to place their hands behind their back. Next, tell him or her to strongly hold the penny in one of their hands. This should be done with hands behind the back and fists closed firmly. If spectator’s fists are not closed proper, they can drop the coin.

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    As he or she brings their fist to the front, you will be required to accurately guess which hand the penny is placed in. It is recommended to ask the spectator to concentrate on the hand the penny is in. Instead of assessing their body language, watch his or her nose. If it moves to the right, the penny will be in the left hand and vice versa.

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