How to Photograph a Rock and Roll Concert

In a rock and roll concert when the band comes on stage, you can see several flashes. However, they are of not much use as the light from the flash reduces when it travels away from lens. Remember that this rate of light diminishing can be described as reverse square law. When the distance doubles between your flash and subject, lesser light will reach the subject as it has spread over a larger area. You are required to turn off the flash and follow some simple guidelines to take pictures in a rock and roll concert.

Things Required:

– A camera with a telephoto lens
– A concert ticket
– Permission from the venue
– Patience


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    The best pictures you can take of a rock and roll concert by going backstage. You simply need to find passes for backstage. In case it is not possible, you can buy tickets of front rows to have better pictures. It is preferable to buy tickets either on the left or on the right side of the stage. By this you will be disturbing less people in comparison if you were standing in the middle.

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    High speed film

    It is advisable to use high speed film or you can set your camera to the highest settings. Set the camera to ISO level 1600 or more if your camera support. Remember that this might make your pictures fuzzier but it will let you take pictures quickly. You will be able to capture the action along with tackling the low light levels.

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    Ponder over the lightning

    You need to stay calm and watch out for the lighting. There will come a time when white light will focus on the stage and you will have chance to get a perfect picture. However, you will notice dark and strong coloured lighting on the stage.

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    Apply lighting effects on the picture

    When taking close up pictures of guitar and rock star, you can use lighting effect to make picture look better. Simply set ISO 400 film and a shutter speed of 60. Get a 50 MM lens and you need to get closer to the stage for this picture.

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    Use telephoto lens

    You can use telephoto lens to take better pictures. Remember that lens becomes heavier when they are longer. You need to pick lens which can stay steady at shutter speeds of 80 to 125.

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