How to Plan Cheap Dates that Seem Expensive

Dating is an exciting part of everyone’s life but it is not easy to go on a date these days, especially due to financial restrictions implemented by the lack of growth in jobs, coupled with some hypothetical and ultra-expensive demands of the girls. However, when there is a problem, there is a solution as well and you can easily date the lady you like within your limited budget and still don’t look cheap. It’s a win-win situation that can get you what you want and wouldn’t rip the skin of your wallet at the same time.


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    Firstly, you have to gather the following stuff to make sure you can enjoy a reasonable date with a cheap budget:

    - Nice Clothes
    - Tablecloth
    - Dinnerware
    - Wineglasses
    - Bottle of wine

    Now that you have gathered the essential required items to have a fascinating date, you can move onto the important part of the date.

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    Wear something that fits you better and you look like a man and not a boy because girls don’t like swags, they look for class. Don’t disappoint them with irritating clothing, rather fascinate them with something that looks good on you. It doesn’t have to be a suit for sure; a normal pair of jeans and a cool t-shirt would do but don’t wear something too shiny because that will just not take things to the right direction. Make a simple hairstyle that suits you rather gelling up the whole thing that will make you look awkward. Wear decent shoes and not sportswear because you don’t want to give that casual look. You have to impress the girl at first sight so all these things matter.

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    Prepare a fancy dinner that doesn’t contain too many cuisines but two or three items. Put a clean sheet on the table and keep the surroundings clean as well. Don’t make something that will cost you a lot; just help yourself with something that you are cool with. It will help you not pretend anything and you can fill up your stomach within a decent budget as well. The girl is there to meet you and not eat food so a decent meal will do.

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    Put a couple of plates and wineglasses on the table; wash them until they look crystal clear. Serve the bottle of wine.

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    Visit a museum because the entry is free so it will cost you nothing. Eat lunch at a place that is not expensive but situated at a place that has a mesmerizing background.

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