How to Plant a Kitchen Herb Garden

Do you want to start gardening as a hobby? Is it the lack of space that stops you from doing this? Well, you don’t need to worry as planting a kitchen herb garden is the solution. In this type of gardening, you don’t need a vast courtyard rather you can plant herbs even in a container.

Mostly, it is believed that building an indoor garden requires a lot of effort. Though, it’s true to some extent but you can reduce the effort by doing it properly. Trust me, following a couple of simple directions can make things a lot easier.


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    Pick your herbs wisely:

    First and the foremost thing you will do is to make a list of the herbs that you want in your kitchen garden. Keep in mind the local weather conditions and pick only those plants that can survive the climate. Moreover, you should go for such herbs that don’t require much care and they grow rapidly. Parsley, Sage, Basil, Rosemary and Marjoram are the examples of such herbs that grow fast. Though, Dill, Tarragon and Cilantro need rich soil and more water but they also do well without making any fuss.

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    Where to Plant:

    There is no doubt in that this type of gardening requires much less space but still you must keep a couple of important things in mind while selecting an area of plantation. You must know that plants need sunlight for at least six hours so if you are growing herbs in a container then it’s better to have wheels under the container. That will make the sunlight possible as you can take your container where ever you want. However, if you are planting herbs directly in the ground then make your garden in a round shape. This helps in maintaining your indoor garden.

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    Prepare the soil:

    No matter if you are using a container or growing plants in the ground, preparing the soil is really important. Remember, seeds or plants won’t grow properly if the surface is not ploughed properly. If it is possible, then analyse the soil organically and add fertilizers to make it suitable for your plants. Take your time when preparing the soil for your garden.

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    Take care of your plants:

    After preparing the soil, you will transfer plants or seeds and then take good care of them. Remember, you just need a moist surface if you are using a container. If you have planted them in ground then make sure your plants are getting enough amount of water.

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