How to Play Extreme Scrabble

Scrabble is a timeless classic, but sometimes it needs a bit of an extra kick to make it more fun and challenging. There are many variations that you can try to make your experience more competitive and interesting. Extreme Scrabble is also a modified version of the game, which introduces some new ways of playing the game, in a bid to make it more interesting.

Here, you may think that there will be some difference in the rules. However, the reality is a bit different. The basic rules remain the same, but there are some new additions to them. These new additions add vodka shots to the mix. Players who make a word of four letters are required to down one shot, if a player makes a five letter word, then they are allowed to take two shots, and so on. Try this variation for a more interesting Scrabble experience with your friends.

Things Required:

– Scrabble pieces
– 2 or more players
– Drinks and shot glasses


  • 1

    At the centre of the playing surface, place all the scrabble tiles with their faces down and mix them up to shuffle them well. Now, every player participating in the game needs to take seven pieces from the centre. At the signal – usually someone says “go” – everyone turns over their pieces and uses them to make words.

  • 2

    Here, you need to follow the same rules you would use when playing regular Scrabble; e.g., you have to use real words, no names or abbreviations, and connect your words as you would if you were using the Scrabble board.

  • 3

    Once a player uses all their pieces to make one or more words (connected of course!) in their own playing area, they say "done". All the players, whether they have used up all their pieces or not, must draw 2 more pieces. The player who said "done" will now show the words and will take the shot(s) of vodka, as per the number of characters he used to make the words.

  • 4

    Repeat Step 3 until all the pieces in the centre are used. The person who says "done" at this point is most likely the winner, but their playing area must go under review by the other players to make sure there are no mistakes. If there are no mistakes, they are the winner. However, if there are mistakes, play continues, and the player can move pieces around until it works, or other players may have the opportunity to win.

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