How to Play Hill Climb Racing On Computer

Hill Climb Racing is a game which you can play in Android based mobile phones and devices. If you are a big fan of Hill Climb Racing and you do not own an Android phone, then you may have to look for its alternatives, such as playing it on your computer.

Here, the question arises – HOW?

The answer is very simple, you can play most of the Android games on your laptop now, using different simulators, or on different gaming websites online. Now, you do not need to purchase the Android based mobile phone, if you like to play and use Android apps and games.


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    There are a number of online websites that offer the facility to play Android based games online. In order to play Hill Climb Racing, you can Google it, by entering the keywords “Play Hill Climb Racing online” or any other similar keywords in the Google search bar and hit “Enter” key. You will see a number of results appearing on the screen. Open different links in new window, which you think allow you to play the game online.

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    Check the websites one by one and right after you find a website where you can play the game online, close the other websites and Google page too. Click on the game and wait for it to load. When the loading complete, you can play the game. Most of the websites also offer progress saving option, so that you can play the game later where you left it earlier.

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    If you find it difficult to find a website which allows you to play the game online, then you can think of downloading a simulator which can help you playing the Android games directly from your computer.

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    Here, you will still need to find and download the game files to your computer. However, it will be an easy process, as most of the websites will allow you to download the files, so that you can copy them to Android phones.

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    Download an Android simulator, BlueStacks is a good option, and install it into your computer. Then download the game files and save them to your computer.

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    Run the simulator and click “Open” from the file menu. Locate the game file from your computer and load it in the program. The simulator will take some time to load the game and you will see the same game being displayed on your computer screen.

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