How to Play Two Hand Touch Football

Unlike many sports, football is a very physical sport which involves a lot of contact between the players from the two teams and in many cases, may result in serious injury if the proper equipment is not used or unavailable. Whatever the case may be that limits you from enjoying some good football at home or in a park with family and friends, there is a way to still have fun.

Introducing two hand touch football which is a classic backyard game and can be played anywhere with a few friends and family members without the need of having any major equipment on. Like regular football, the rules are pretty simple and almost the same but a little different due to the variation in contact and losing the ball.

Things Required:

– Football
– Chalk
– Cones
– Coin


  • 1

    Choose Teams

    Like many other sports, two hand touch football also requires people participating in the form of teams and this can be done by having two preselected captains and taking turns to choose whom should be the captain representing a specific side. Take out enough time so everyone who is willing to play is chosen by either captain of a team.

  • 2

    Mark the Field

    If you are not playing on an actual football field than it is essential to define the markers with the chalk and cones you have available. The goal lines are obviously the most important along with the cones to define them as well because chalk is not always that visible and may get smudged off while running.

  • 3

    Flip the Coin

    Use the coin to determine which team will get first possession, which is a method used in many sports and deciding moments in life. Unlike normal football, when the ball is kicked than it is alive, even if deflects off a player.

  • 4


    Everything else is like regular football but in this case you would use two hands to take down the player and hold him down for a determined number of seconds until the passion is overturned and goal scoring will be done as normal as well. Six points are the universal goal scoring standards and should be kept the same in this situation as well along with someone on the sidelines to keep track of the points scored by each team. If you have someone else available to act as a referee, than it would be better to have someone neutral to watch over it.

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