How to Practice Religious Tolerance

The world is becoming an extremely ugly place to live in because of the religious intolerance, especially in countries where religion is combined with politics to run the matters of the state. People often forget about humanity and start judging each other on whom and how they worship.

If you are one of the many people who lack tolerance when it comes to different faiths, you should get down to teach yourself to accept and respect the difference of opinion and different religions immediately. This will not only make life easier for people of different faiths living around you, but will also earn you more respect.


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    You need to accept the fact that a difference of opinion is something that just cannot be eliminated from the world. As humans continue to evolve, they adapt to the environment in their own way, forming their own beliefs to help them lead life and deal with various circumstances. You are going to find some people who agree with your beliefs and some who do not. You should accept and celebrate this difference instead of condemning it.

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    You should not call anyone’s religion wrong unless you have a concrete proof to use in an argument on the subject. Understand that a lot of religions believe in one God, the same God that you believe in, but they have just adopted different means of worshipping Him and basically connecting with Him. There are also practices in which people worship more than just one god or belief in no god at all. Give them their space instead of debating with them with the sheer intent of proving to them that they are wrong and your beliefs are right.

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    Do some research on different religions to get a better understanding of them. Focus on finding the similarities between your religion and other religions instead of searching for the differences. The more similarities you find, the easier it will get for you to understand that different religions are not that different after all and thus make it easier for you to tolerate them.

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    Talk to people belonging to different faiths. Ask them stuff about their religion and listen with the intention of learning instead of picking up points to use in an argument about which religion is better later.

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    Visit the holy places of other religions, attend their services and if possible, become involved in their religious festivities. This will help you to get a better understand of their religion and develop more respect for them.

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