How to Pray as a Christian in English

Whether you believe it or not, praying does make a difference, especially if you do it whole-heartedly. Some people say that it does not help at all, as everything has already been written for them and nothing can be changed at all. However, this is not the case, as praying can help you connect to God in a way no other thing can do. It is not necessary to always ask for something in a prayer. You can also thank your Lord for what he has granted you.

People of all faiths have their own way of praying, but the purpose of everyone is the same. They seek forgiveness from their Lord and expect a trouble free life for themselves and their loved ones.

Just like all other religions, Christianity teaches its followers to pray and thank their God. However, some of the believers do not know the right way of praying, so they opt to quit doing it at the end of the day. This is not the right thing to do, as it is quite an easy task to say your prayers. On the other hand, some of the new Christians might also be unaware of the correct method, so they do it their own way.

If you are one of those Christians, who don’t know how to offer prayers in the right way, then you should not worry at all. It can be done in the simplest of ways and you will gradually see a change in your life and personality.


  • 1

    Always believe that your prayers will be answered

    Everything starts with a belief, so you should always trust your Lord that He will respond to your prayers in the right way. Sometimes you might not get the desired results, but keep this in mind that God knows better and will choose the best path for you.

  • 2

    Make sure that your attention is not diverted

    You should be focussed on what you are doing. When you go out to play or work, you don’t want anyone to disturb you. In the same way, make sure that no one bothers you during your prayers.

  • 3

    Start your prayers by thanking the Lord

    Whenever you start praying, it is better to thank your Lord for the good things like good health, job, grades etc.

  • 4

    Ask for forgiveness

    Ask your Lord for forgiveness, as you might have harmed someone or broken someone’s heart unwillingly.

  • 5

    Pray for the right path

    It is better to walk on the path shown by God, so pray to Him that He shows you the right direction.

  • 6

    Finish the prayer by thanking God again

    Just like you started, finish your prayer by thanking your Lord for everything.

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