How to Prevent a Knee Injury from Running

Having a strong knee is one of the most important factors if you are an athlete or a sportsman. While running, jumping or twisting, there is always a risk of knee injury, which can adversely affect your performance in future as it takes longer to heal as compared to most other injuries. Knee surgeries can also be painful and it becomes extremely tough to make a comeback after going through a severe knee injury. Therefore, you should be careful in the first place and should make sure that you take all the necessary measures to prevent damaging your knee during strenuous activities like running.


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    Wear the right shoes

    Wearing the right shoes while running is extremely crucial in order to prevent knee injuries. Most knee injuries occur because of uneven distribution of weight on the feet; therefore, you should wear shoes of the highest quality, even if you have to spend a little extra on your footwear. Some athletes use a specific brand of shoes throughout their careers as that brand suits the shape of their feet. Some also get their shoes manufactured especially according to the size and shape of their feet.

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    Stretch before running

    Before running or any other exercise, you should adopt a habit of stretching. Stretch each and every muscle of your body nicely in order to  warm up. Most people are careless about warming up their muscles, even though proper stretching does not take more than five to seven minutes.

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    Adopt a proper rhythm while running

    If you don't run in the correct manner and do not put your feet in the right position during jogging, you will have a greater risk of twisting your knee. Therefore, while running, you must firmly place your feet on the ground and have appropriate balance to prevent knee injuries. Distribute the weight of your body evenly while running.

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    Strengthen your thighs & calves

    If you want to prevent knee injuries, it is imperative to strengthen your thighs and calves as they will naturally enhance the resistance power of your knees. You can exercise your legs at the gym or by regular swimming.

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    Make sure that the surface you are running on is smooth. Many knee injuries are caused due to uneven surfaces, which increase the risk of injury.

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