How to Prevent Pink Snow Mold

Pink snow mold is basically happens when the snow starts to melt and fungus takes hold in certain areas of your lawn. Pink snow mold damages the grass which creates patches all around your lawn. The pink colour is caused by mycelium which looks a lot like a spider web. Although pink snow mold can be rather unsightly, it usually goes away by itself within a short time. There are different ways that you can prevent pink snow mold from taking over your lawn which are relatively simple to follow.


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    Clean lawn before snow starts:

    Make sure that you take care of your lawn before the snow starts to fall. It is important to do your regular maintenance of your lawn right up to the point of the when the snow begins. Keep your lawn clean and free from debris. Pick up all the different leaves and branches that might be on your lawn. Also, pick up any dead grass that might be present on the lawn as well.

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    Mow lawn:

    You should keep mowing your lawn right up to the point of when the snow begins to fall. Hopefully by regularly mowing your lawn the growth of the grass will be reduced to help prevent pink snow mold from taking hold.

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    Limit fertilizer usage:

    Try to limit or reduce the amount of fertilizer you that use on your lawn. Fertilizers that contain nitrogen can help pink snow mold to occur on your lawn once the snow melts. It is best to avoid using these types of fertilizers on your lawn before it starts snowing.

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    You can use fungicides on your lawn to help prevent pink snow mold from taking hold of your lawn. However, these are strong chemicals that can sometimes make things worse for your grass. Try to limit your usage of fungicides on your lawn.

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    Be patient:

    In most cases of pink snow mold the parts that have been affected usually dry up and begin to grow again after a little time. If the area that has pink snow mold is not that large and unsightly then you should remain patient and wait for the grass to fix itself. Remember the pink snow mold damages the grass, so you might have to wait for some time before it starts to grow back healthy.

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    Call professional:

    You can also call a professional gardener or landscaper to get their advice on the best ways to prevent pinks snow mold from occurring on your lawn. He or she is in a good position to give you some excellent advice that you can follow to help you out.

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