How to Print Name Tags from Excel

Microsoft office products are extremely useful. Especially Microsoft Excel has no match whatsoever. The program has multiple uses. One can utilise this wonderful application to prepare sheets and other office documents.

Printing name labels through Microsoft Excel can help you save plenty of time. It takes a lot of time to prepare handwriting labels. Plus, you cannot produce as good results as this fantastic software does.

The procedure of labeling via Microsoft Excel is pretty easy. So, if you are due to compile a bunch of mailing envelops, there is no better solution than the Excel.


  • 1

    First of all, you have to gather necessary hardware. Switch on your machine and start the Excel application.

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    After opening a new sheet, enter your data. Use columns and different rows to enter the names. You can try different font style, but make sure you enter the entire data in one particular pattern.

    Use each box for separate thing. For example, you need to use first box of each row to enter ‘First Name’ and second box for ‘Last Name’. Similarly, use next boxes for mailing address, city, state and Postal code.

  • 3

    Once you finish with the document, save it to your hard drive. For this, choose ‘Save As’ after clicking on ‘File’ from the main menu bar. Give a name to your document and also specify the location. Make sure the location can be accessed easily afterwards.

  • 4

    It is time to use Microsoft Word. It is important to combine this application with Excel to create the labels. Open a blank Word page. Having opening a blank document, you are supposed to choose the label paper.

  • 5

    This step is really important, as you need to make a few crucial moves. After going into the ‘Tools’ menu, click on the ‘Mail Merge Wizard’ followed by ‘Labels’. Here you have many options to choose from. Select different label vendors to ensure a perfect print.

  • 6

    It is the time to select your recipients from the same menu. After clicking on the ‘Select recipients’, select ‘Use existing list’ in order to utilise your Excel spreadsheet that you already have prepared.

  • 7

    Browse for the Excel sheet. For inserting the data into each label, start clicking on the items in the Mail Merge Recipients box. Once you are finished with this, click ‘OK’ to proceed.

  • 8

    The process is already completed.  Load the paper into the printer, and give ‘Print’ command from the ‘File’ menu.

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