How to Protect Your Camera in Bad Weather

Cameras are expensive and need to be taken care of nicely. A slightest bit of carelessness may damage the equipment and you may lose a lot of money. There are many simple ways to protect your camera. You need to be prepared for the worst case scenario so keep things like umbrella, plastic bags and towels with you to be prepared for any mishap. You can also take safety measures beforehand like keeping your batteries in a safe place after you are done with your work. This will make sure that the batteries last longer than their usual life span.


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    Place batteries in a safe place

    To protect the batteries is very important as they can be harmed very easily. The batteries have a limited life span and they can be damaged easily of not taken care of properly. You must place the batteries in a safe place in the bag or in a place with low temperatures, when they are not in use. Always take out the batteries and place them in the bag when you are done using the camera.

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    Use silica desiccant sachets in the bag

    Silica desiccant sachets will help to absorb the moisture in the bag. They will protect the camera in case there is moisture in the air. Carefully place the packets inside the bag where the camera is placed for best results.

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    Always keep the camera in plastic bag

    Another way to protect the camera from moisture is to always keep it in a plastic bag. Use the camera whenever you want to and then place it in a plastic bag to avoid any condensation fog. This will also help in protecting the camera from dirt and any impurities.

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    Always keep an umbrella with you

    You should always be prepared for the worst. So, keep an umbrella with your equipment in case there is rain. You have to be careful as exposing your equipment to water may damage it.

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    Keep a dry towel or a hair dryer with you

    Always keep a dry towel or a hair dryer with your camera bag. This may be used in an emergency to dry the equipment. A hair dryer is typically effective in drying the camera if it is exposed to rain.

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