How to Raise Money for Summer Camp

Participating in summer camps can both be a rewarding and learning experience, but when you are in charge of holding a camp with several people/kids participating in it, raising funds can become a serious issue.

You may have mapped out a sound strategy for you summer camp, but if you still haven’t decided how to raise money to make all the arrangements, you may end up putting your plan in a tight spot. It costs a lot of money to hold a summer camp, and of course you cannot be expected to meet the expenses with your personal income or pocket money (especially if you are student). So do these things to help you raise funds.


  • 1

    Make a list of things you need to purchase for the camp

    Write down the things that you will need to purchase for organizing the camp. Talk to other members and leader of the camp, and share views. Make a budget on paper, listing every expense that will be incurred. Some of the main expenses you can take into consideration while making a checklist may include equipment like tents, cargo trucks, plastic bags to hold camp clothes, garbage, etc.

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    Talk to family members, friends and community members

    The best way to get money for summer camp is to talk to your family members, friends and people in your community. Be sure to tell them all the details and the list of expenses you have just made. Do not talk to a person or two; get in touch with as many people as you can. If you can present your budget in a good manner and can convince family members and friends, you can definitely get some money this way.

  • 3

    Make a list of reasons on which you can convince people

    If the reasons for holding the summer camp are solid, you can make people want to help you raise funds. If the summer camp is intended for research or educational purposes, you will find plenty of donors willing to give you money.

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    Run a small campaign at school/college

    Your school or college can be a good platform for fundraising for the summer camp. Talk to teachers and active students to join hands with you.

  • 5

    Do a yard sale

    You can sell stuff at yard sale to help you get money for the summer camp. Most of the times, yard sales can get you enough money for camping. Have your family members and relatives sell their used items on the yard sale.

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