How to Read a Persons Character

Many people like to have their future foretold before those events happen. Many take the help of seers to do this. Then there are some people who want to know about another person’s character by mind reading or palmistry. However, there are a lot of basic ways through which you can actually size up the other person on your own and without actually paying for it.


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    Physiognomy studying is one of the oldest form of character studying and dates back to the early 1800s. In this particular type of study, you examine a person’s features and do a mapping on him/her in order to find out strengths, weaknesses and destiny. If a person has a large head, he may have a very high IQ even though the opposite can be true sometimes. People having low brows may be cunning while those with wide bows could be intellectual and sensitive. A person with a wide pair of eyes may be cautious and watchful while those with a close-set could have limited thoughts in them. Fearless and aggressive individuals have pursed lips.

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    Examining an individual’s eyes can also say a lot about him. A person who returns a frank stare would strike to be an honest and curious chap while a person who returns a brash sort of stare, could be haughty, arrogant and may even keep a lot of secrets. People who cannot hold a gaze for more than a second could be shy, modest, guilty or anxious.

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    There are people who tend to stare into space when the other person is talking. Such people may get distracted or bored easily.

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    Paying attention to different expressions and gestures is also a good way of understanding one’s character. If a person’s mouth is tight while talking, that individual might be nervous, irritates or might not be honest in his dealings. While talking to someone, if you are not able to see the complete face of the person, he or she might be hiding something.

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    Those people who look down during conversations, might be shy or not that open.

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    Studying the pupils can also help in assessing an individual’s character. While talking, if you see the other person’s pupils narrowing, he might not be interested in what you have to say.

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    If during a conversation, the other person’s pupils are widening, he or she might be very interested in what you are saying.

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