How to Reduce Water Weight during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when a woman experiences various challenges and changes in her body. A woman’s body is changing at a rapid rate as the baby grows, and most of the times it’s hard to know how to tackle all the issues and unease that comes with it. Most women are ready to accept the fact that their tummy will get larger as the pregnancy progresses, but along with that they may not have realised that the body also swells and puffs because of water retention, this is known as edema. There are a number of ways you can try to reduce water weight during the pregnancy, that helps in dealing with one less discomfort to distract you during the process.


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    Tricks to avoid water retention and advised diet

    Lie down and raise your feet as much as you can. Do not stand for long periods of time and avoid wearing high heels under any circumstances. Water retention mostly causes the feet to swell and puff. Raising them at least 12 inches can aid the circulation to move and reduce the water retention in the feet. Try to eat healthy food instead of junk and processed meat as they both contain high levels of sodium, which can help the body to retain unnecessary fluids. Also familiarise yourself with labels on foods like salad dressings, cereals and soups. These contain a lot of sodium as well which is harmful for a pregnant lady.

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    Seek medical assistance

    Visit your doctor and talk to him about increasing your calcium intake, potassium intake and Vitamin B6 intake. These three supplements have been proven time and again to reduce water levels in both premenstrual and post-menstrual women. However, make sure you do not increase these supplements or any others during pregnancy, without discussing it with your medical officer first.

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    Methods to effectively lose water weight

    Try to exercise on a daily basis as that will aid your circulation and help pump out retained water. Good ways to reduce water weight are to go for a walk, swim and do yoga, as they are all good options for pregnant women. Moreover,  consumer food items which have diuretic properties. Some of the most commonly used foods which fall into this category are celery, parsley, onion, eggplant, garlic, peppermint and herbal teas. Drink lots of water so your body does not retain fluid because of hydration. Also, avoid going out in hot weather conditions because heat can increase the water retention in the body.

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