How to Reflect On the Bible Verses

Reading through any holy book has a spiritual benefit, but understanding the meanings of verses in them and then relating them to real life experiences is the real purpose of all the holy  books that have been revealed upon the prophets. Bible is one of the most read holy books. Each reader of it also tries to understand meanings of each verse in it. To reflect on the verses is nevertheless purpose of reading the Bible.

Almost all Bible verses convey different meanings relating to human surrounding and its relationship with other creations in the life, so and so forth. Reflecting on the Bible verses can convey us real purpose of their revelation, what has been demanded from the humans and how an action can be performed and how real benefits of an action can be derived out.

It is good if Bible is read by a person on a daily basis, but it is even better if it is understood. To reflect on each word and verse is to learn the meaning of the Bible’s teaching.


  • 1

    Purity of Body and Mind

    It is essential to take bath and do cleaning of your hair, body and clothes, if you have been indulging in some indecent acts. This will give you a sense of a purity. It is not mandatory to do all this but it will help the person in seeking to reflect on the meaning of each verse and word from the Bible.

  • 2

    Peace of Mind

    It is better to start reading the Bible with a complete peace of mind. If there are some other tensions on the mind and it is preoccupied somewhere else, reading the Bible even many times will not help understand the true meaning.

  • 3

    Praying Before Reading

    Although it is not mandatory to pray before start reading the Bible, it is better if it is done. A reader can even ask God for helping them in the efforts to reflect on the Bible verses and understanding their true meanings.

  • 4

    Use Guide

    Reading the Bible randomly will not help, it is better if you start reading by a guide. A guide can be downloaded from the internet or bought from any church nearby. It will guide the reader step by step how to read each word and verse and reflect on its meanings.

  • 5

    Reading and Re-reading

    Reading each verse carefully and then re-reading it again and again might be helpful in understanding its meaning. Re-reading is the only way to grasp meanings of a word and phrase to understand true purpose of their revelations.

  • 6

    Writing Them

    Sometimes it is helpful to write and re-write a verse on a piece of paper. It helps understanding the meaning of each word and verse gradually. It is also one of the most effective methods to memorize verses from the Bible and they can be remembered for a longer period of time.

  • 7

    Thinking on Each Word, Verse

    After reading and writing a verse, it is essential to take a moment and reflect on each word of it. Thinking about each word and then verse sometimes helps to put pieces of puzzle together and you might be able to extract real meanings out of each verse.

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