How To Register a Business As An LLC

Registering a business as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) has many benefits.  Most of the countries require a person to register the business as an LLC before starting their work. An LLC comprises the traits of both the partnership and corporate structure, thus enabling a person to enjoy the benefits of both entities.

The LLCs are comparatively accommodating and facilitates the owner of a business with the benefit of limited liability. The term ‘limited liability’ means that if anything bad happens and the company goes solvent, only the assets registered in the name of corporation will be sold to pay off the debt and the personal property of the owners will stay untouched.

Not to mention, there are numerous benefits of registering a company and opening a bank account in the name of your company. The same goes for safeguarding the name of your business and even the law provides protection.

It is of utmost importance that you register the name of your business as soon as possible as if not done, one can be held liable for the damages or debts of some other person, who is doing the business under the same name.


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    You should choose a suitable, relevant and catchy name for your business. To check the availability of desired name, visit the website of your county clerk. Enter the business name there to check the availability and fill the Doing Business As (DBA) form. You will have to pay certain amount of money to register the business and the name will be yours. Paying the registration fees here, will recognise you as a business owner.

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    To register it as an LLC, you should visit the website of state secretary, where you will be given the option to register it as a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation or a Limited Liability Company.

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    After choosing the LLC option, you should pay the required amount to complete the process of registering your business. You can make the payment via debit card or credit card, whatever suits you well. You should understand the business formation option clearly as you will need them later.

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    You can also seek help from the outside. You will find plenty of lawyers and brokers, who specialise in this field. You can find them over the internet very easily. They just charge a small fee for their services and will do the necessary work for you.

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