How to Rehair a Violin Bow

The violin, officially designed by Italian lute maker Andrea Amati, is one among expensive string instruments. The physics behind its romantic and soothing sound lies in the bow. However, a violin bow is usually tingled with horsehair, which when strokes against its fine strings, creates a discernible sound right away. You can take it to the professional rehairers, but fixing it at home can save you hundreds of dollars. Rehairing a violin bow is a simple, rewarding and a few minutes’ activity.

Things Required:

– Wash cloth
– Scissors
– Horsehair
– Violin Rosin – if necessary


  • 1

    Clean the parts of Violin

    The very first thing you have to do when rehairing your violin bow is to open its parts and clean each of them properly, using clean washcloth.  Make sure to be very careful while taking it apart, especially while cutting the hardwood plugs. Moreover, pay attention to the overall arrangement of the violin in order to put it back together.

  • 2

    Select Horsehair

    You will need a good quality horsehair. The standard violin bow holds about 150 threads/strands of horsehair. Visit your nearest music shop to buy the right horsehair for your violin bow.

  • 3

    Cut the Horsehair

    Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut the horsehair in order to give it an appropriate amount of tension. Make sure that the spring is in tension. Once you are at ease with the total tension, trim the horse hair carefully.

  • 4

    String the Horsehair into the Violin Bow

    Your horsehair is all set; it is the time to carefully string it into the violin bow. Once you have strung it, carefully inspect it in order to make sure that it is all secure – neither tighten nor loose in the frog and tip.

  • 5

    Apply Rosin to the Violin Bow

    Now apply some violin rosin to the newly installed bow. It helps to play sound when drawn/pulled across the violin strings.

  • 6


    You have successfully rehaired your violin bow; enjoy its amazing sound.

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