How to Remove Paint from Wooden Furniture

The paint of wooden furniture fades away with the passage of time, making it dull and unattractive. Moreover, the drips of paint on your precious wooden furniture can spoil its overall look. The best thing you can do is strip the old paint coat and drips off and apply a new paint in order to enhance the appeal of your wooden furniture.

The time it takes to remove paint from your wooden furniture will depend on the type of paint you are getting rid of and how many coats are on it. However, it is an easy and DIY process where you do not require any furnishers help.

Things Required:

– Clean clothes or towels
– Mixing bowls
– Disposable Gloves
– Old toothbrush
– Clean cold and warm water
– Liquid dish soap
– Paint thinner
– Glycerin-soap Mixture
– Putty knife or a paint scraper
– Alcohol
– Steel wool or fine sandpaper


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    Remove water-based paint drips or stains

    Water-based paint are quiet easy to remove as compared to other paints. Follow the given below methods for this purpose:

    Take a clean cloth or towel and soak it in mild water for few minutes until wet thoroughly. Now, squeeze the excess of water from the towel or cloth and use it to wipe up as much paint as you can.

    If the water-based paint on your furniture has dried, then you will have to exert some extra effort. Place the damp cloth or towel over the paint drips for few hours, allowing it to re-hydrate the dried paint. Remove the cloth or towel once you find that the paint drips or stains have bubbled and are cracking or peeling. Now, use the cloth or a plastic scraper to peel off the paint drips or stains with full force, using both hands.

    The water-based paint stains should have gone by now. However, if you still feel that they are not completely clean yet, then pour one cup of mild water and few drops of liquid dish soap into a mixing bowl and stir until thoroughly mix. Now, dip a toothbrush into the water-soap mixture and scrub the paint stains until they are gone completely.  Soak a clean cloth in clean water and rinse off the soap mixture until clear. Set the wooden furniture aside until dry completely.

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    Remove Latex-based Paint

    If the Latex-based Paint drips or stains on the surface of your wooden furniture are still wet, then do not waste time and wipe it off with a clean cloth.

    If the Latex-based Paint drips or stains are dry, you may find it very difficult to remove them with cloth. So follow the given methods in this regard:

    Dip a piece of cloth into paint thinner, wrap it around your fingers and gently rub it against the Latex-based Paint drips or stains on your wooden furniture. Continue scrubbing until you get rid of the undesired stains or drips. Immerse a clean cold cloth and rub it over the wood furniture to do away with the paint thinner residue. Set the furniture aside until dry well.

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    Remove Acrylic Paint’s Stains or drips

    Given below are some easy techniques to remove Acrylic Paint’s Stains or drips from your wooden furniture:

    Use wet cloth: Use wet piece of cloth to wipe off the fresh Acrylic Paint’s Stains or drips on your wooden furniture.

    Use glycerin-soap Mixture: Place a piece of glycerin soap in a bowl and pour in some hot water. Stir the solution until the soap dissolves and forms a thick soapy mixture. Soak a piece of clean cloth into the mixture and rub it against the Acrylic Paint’s Stains or pecks until clean well. Use another dampen cloth to remove the glycerin soap residues and leave it to dry.

    Use putty knife or a paint scraper: These equipments are useful to remove the dried Acrylic Paint’s stains or drips from the wooden furniture. Use a paint scraper or putty knife to remove the paint stains, without damaging your wooden furniture.

    Use steel wool or fine sandpaper: Use a steel wool or fine sandpaper to remove the remaining dried Acrylic Paint.

    Apply some alcohol: Apply some alcohol to a piece of cloth or towel and gently rub it against the Acrylic Paint stains until clean. Wipe off the alcohol residues with a clean wet cloth and leave your wooden furniture to dry.

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    Remove old coat of paint

    Above mentioned methods were the ones to remove the pecks or stains of paint on your furniture. Now, what if you want to remove the previous coat of paint from your wooden furniture before applying the new paint? There will slight change in the criteria, so follow the given below simple steps:

    Apply some paint thinner or wood stripper to the wooden furniture until thoroughly covers. Let the solution sit on the furniture for some time until it penetrates into the paint coat properly.

    Rub a putty knife or scrapper against the wet surface of the furniture and remove as much paint as you can. Wipe off the stripper or paint-thinner’s residues with a clean piece of cloth in order to check out that the paint is removed properly or not.

    Dip a steel wool into wood stripper and rub it against the remaining paint.

    Now, use a sandpaper to remove any leftover paint or residue from the wooden furniture.

    Rinse off the furniture with clean water and wipe it dry with clean cloth. Set aside until dry and apply new coat of paint.

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