How to Remove Super Glue from the Eye

Super glue is an adhesive with a very strong bond ability. It is difficult to remove it from the areas of skin where it is dropped mistakenly. It is even more dangerous if you mistook it with eye drops and put into your eyes. It can quickly bind your eye with eyelids and it sometimes can completely be shut, very difficult to open. As soon as you realize that you have put super glue instead of eye drops in your eyes, wash them with warm water to remove the glue, and if not, at least try keeping the damage limited.


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    Leaving Eyes Open

    In case of putting super glue in your eyes, do not close your eyes unless you find the treatment. Leaving your eyes open will keep them in the same position until you find a solution. This should not hurt you and the damage done will be limited.

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    Washing Eyes

    The  moment you come to the shocking realization that you have put glue in your eyes, wash them with warm water. The water can help remove the glue completely off your eyes or at least minimize the damage. Do not rub or swipe you eyes with a piece of cloth without using any solution. It will make the problem even worse, and you might suffer more.

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    Consult Doctor

    If you think the problem is rather serious, and you feel pain or any other problem with your eyes because of the glue, you should not waste any time in thinking of some home remedies. Instead you should consult the doctor immediately. The doctor might prescribe something for your eyes to protect them until the glue is completely removed from them.

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    Sodium Bicarbonate

    Sodium bicarbonate can be used as solution. However, you should know that according to some studies, it can cause some damage to the eyes well. For example, excessive tearing and blurring is reported in some cases. Nevertheless, it is an effective solution for removal of super glue from eyes. It has been used for the purpose despite the fact that there is a caution about its use.

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    Do Not Pry

    Do not try to pry the super glue from your eyes. This can cause injury to either your eyes or skin. If you have tried other solutions and they did not work, you should see your doctor, instead of trying such a solution on your own.

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