How to Replace a Garage Door

Garage door is the largest moving part of your house. With passing time, the wooden garage doors crack or become misaligned because of weather changes. Other materials may chip, crack or otherwise lose their gleam. This makes them unattractive and sometimes difficult to lift. A normal garage door has several panels hinged together that roll on tracks. There are single panel garage doors and also sectional ones in the market. Mostly it takes a team of two person and a weekend to replace the old door with a more durable and appealing one. Many people get intimidated by the process, but if you can follow instructions well, the task can be done in a day.

Things Required:

– Garage door
– Drill
– Socket set
– Hammer
– Screwdrivers
– Locking pliers
– Level
– Ladder


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    When its time to purchase a new garage door, start off by taking some measurements. Measure door for the width. Next, check if there is enough room for the door to function without any hurdles. Gather your tools. There are many parts and hardware with a new door, so you should have ample space to organize them.

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    Once you have thoroughly read the instructions, you can get started. Take accurate measurements and then place roller tracks and mounts. The door should be assembled together first, as this will ensure correct dimensions. Set the lower piece of the new garage door in place to make sure it is attuned to the floor. The  most tricky parts are the springs and they should be handled with care. Level and shims can be used to ensure it is balanced.

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    Then according to the manufacturers instructions, start by attaching the corner brackets and building the hinges, Install tracks and rollers, mark the hinges, attach the panels, fasten the tracks and Install the cable and spring.  Also make sure to purchase an electric door opener if your new model does not already have one.

    Now its time to stand back and appreciate your own effort!

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