How to Reuse an Old Garden Hose

Throwing away old and unwanted items might seem easy but you can always recycle things for bringing them to new uses. Even broken and worn out household things can be used in innovative ways. Every now and then you might see something getting old enough in your house to replace by a new one. If you replaced your leaking garden hose by a new one, you can still use the old hose for making a number of different household items. Bring out your creativity and make some innovative things for your home.


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    Ice Skates Protector

    Blades of the ice skates need to be protected from scratches when not in use. Normally blade protectors come along with the ice skates. You can simply use two of the old garden hoses to make blade protectors. Just slit the hoses from the centre after cutting them to the length of the blades and slide them over the blades.

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    Grips of Garden Tools

    You can made grips out of old garden hoses for many garden tools with handles, such as hose, trowels, rakes and other tools. You can cut small pieces of hose and slip them over the handles after slitting them. You can make grips for bucket handles as well and it will become more convenient to lift heavier loads.

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    Earwig Traps

    If you have earwigs thriving in or around your house, you can simply cut short pieces of garden hose and place them in the affected area. The earwigs will prefer to make their habitat in dark and narrow spaces of the hose. Once you get them trapped inside, dunk the hose pieces in a bucket full of water and exterminate earwigs.

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    Soaker Hose

    You can make a cheap soaker hose out of the worn out garden hose easily. Block one end of the garden hose with an end cap and carve small holes along the shaft. You can now attach this piece to your new hose and let the water sprinkle over the flowers in your garden.

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    Swing Set Protector

    It has been observed that children often get their fingers snagged in the chains of the swing set, causing them injuries. You can prevent any such unfortunate event by cutting the old garden hose into small pieces and wrapping them over the chains to serve as a protector.

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