How to Run a Charity Event

Charity events are aimed at attracting public attention to a variety of social and private concerns. Promotions like these help raise the necessary funds for the implementation of charitable programs which further allow you to help the needy.

Charity events are a sign of consciousness of society, people’s desire to help the disadvantaged. Conducting large-scale events is only possible with the support of big organizations and caring people.

In order to organize a charity event or campaign, it is necessary to take into account all the features of such a project, to enlist the support of administration and sponsors, as well as pay attention to coverage of the event in the media.


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    Figure the issue which you want to address through the charity event. Decide on the nature of the charity event, i.e. the form in which it is to be organized (concert, sports festival, auction, fair, etc.).

    Depending on this, determine who will be the guests of the event and where to find the funds to cover the costs of organizing it (ticket sales, advertising, sponsorship and sale of goods).

    Sign a contract with the media and Internet sites for information support.

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    Independently or with the help of the staff of advertising agencies, prepare articles, booklets and posters covering the future of the event. Do not write unnecessary details of the participants and try to enter the information material telling about the specific goals and objectives of your charity.

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    Decide on the location, date and time of the event. Try to organize the event on a date where there are no equally important events going near that place as it will detract people coming to the charity. Above all, organizing event at the right time and place will help you in getting full support from the media and create a large influx of guests.

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    Disseminate information about the charity in all universities and educational institutions of the city in order to recruit staff of volunteers, without which such events cannot become a success.

    Prepare a list of instructions for the volunteers, take care of their accommodation and meals, arrange necessary supplies for the volunteers if you plan to have a long project.

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    Be sure to pay attention to media coverage, both before and after the event. The articles and reports should include right information on the amount of funds raised and their distribution, as well as the number of participants and guests.

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