How to Save Money on DVD Rentals and Purchases

If you love watching movies on DVD then you will understand how expensive renting and purchasing on a regular basis can be. There are plenty of different ways that you can use to help you save some money on DVD rentals and purchases. If you have a decent collection of DVD’s then saving money on purchasing is the best way for you. However, if you are like most people that like to rent DVD’s then there are plenty of options available to save some of that hard earned cash the next time you want to rent a movie.


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    Go online:

    Use your computer and go online to find a huge variety of different DVD stores. You will find a decent selection of different DVD’s that you can purchase at a reduced cost. Most of these sites will send you the DVD’s within a day or two after purchasing. Always make sure that you purchase your DVD’s from a reputable website that keeps your credit card information safe. You will also find many different DVD rental options which will send you the disc by mail which you can return in a day or so. These sites are quite reasonable and might require a membership fee.

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    Visit garage sales:

    You can visit some garage sales in your area to find loads of used DVD’s that you can purchase quite cheaply. However, you must remember that they will probably be older movies and not the latest blockbusters. If you are okay with that then buying used DVD’s is the best way to save a considerable amount of money on your purchases. Most garage sales usually have boxes full of used DVD’s for very low prices.

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    Use Redbox:

    If you enjoy renting DVD’s regularly then you can always use Redbox. These are basically DVD vending type machines located around most stores which allow you to rent a DVD and return it all in the same machine. The costs are relatively low and you can use your debit card for the charges.

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    Visit video rental store:

    Although renting or purchasing DVD’s can be expensive from a store, there are times when they might be on sale or there can sometimes be a discount shelf for movies that might not be that popular. You will find some decent deals at the video stores when it comes to buy DVD’s.

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    Trade with friends and family:

    If you have a large collection of DVD’s and you know of other people like friends or family that also have a decent amount of DVD’s then you can always trade amongst yourselves. Make a list of your recent purchase and share that with others so that repeat or double purchases are not done. This way you can get the latest movie and trade it on for a better one with your friends or family members.

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