How to Search Emails on Gmail Mail

If you do not get time to check and sort your Gmail emails on a daily basis, then you are definitely bound to have a backlog at some point. When such situation arises, then finding any specific email from your Gmail account becomes a time consuming task. All the credit goes to the unique feature of Gmail through which you can quickly search any particular email thorough the bulk of emails and documents within your account. It will take you no time to look for the emails.

Read the steps given below and Search Emails on Gmail Mail:

Things you will need to Search Emails on Gmail Mail
– Gmail Account
– Internet Access
– Computer


  • 1

    Turn on your computer and open any of the web browsers that you are currently using.

  • 2

    Type Gmail’s URL in the address bar and open the login page of Gmail.

  • 3

    Enter your Gmail ID and password into the specific fields and press enter to log into your Gmail account.

  • 4

    Once your Gmail account is opened; enter your search word(s) in the "Search" box or “Search Pan” at the top of the page. The entered word can be name of the sender, email address, or any word that comes into view in the email you are searching for.

    Note: While choosing words to enter into the search pan, make sure to avoid generic (non specific) words likely to appear in many emails. Such words can yield you too many results, making it more difficult to find out the exact email you are searching for.

  • 5

    Now, carefully browse through the results displayed in front of you. You will find your search words highlighted in your results page.

  • 6

    In case if still could not find the email you are looking for, just click on the "Show Search Options" or the “Broaden your search” links next to the search box.

  • 7

    A new separate page will pop up in front of you with advanced search features that should help you find the specific email this time.

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