How to Select a Wig or Hairpiece

Scalp hair are considered to be crucial components of your appearance. Without hair some people might look attractive but for most, the situation is grave. People with a receding hairline or thinning hair wish for nothing more than a thick scalp to get their old look back. While there is the option of getting a hair transplant, some people prefer using wigs to hide their bald heads. Keep reading for information on what to look for when buying a wig.


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    The first thing you need is an expert opinion and for that you will require the services of a hairstylist with an experience of working on wigs. Ask the stylist about the trending styles and shapes of wigs available in the market.

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    These stylists can measure your scalp and place an order for the wig as well.

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    It is best that you try on samples in order to get a clear idea about the hairline of the wigs. A weak or a bad hairline will adversely impact your overall look.

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    Your next step should be to price out the wigs. Prices reflect the quality and the make of the wigs.

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    Synthetic wigs are mostly preferred by customers as they are easy to style and are quite affordable. However, the problem with them is that they are not durable, which means they are not a long-term solution to your hair loss problems.

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    Wigs made from human hair are costly but yet again, at the same time they give the best natural look that you can buy.

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    In case you have a few bald spots or thin hair on some areas of your scalp, then you can use partial wigs, these can be custom-made to blend in with the rest of the hair.

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    While trying out the wig, the main thing is to see if your wig fits properly and won't slip off. Some wigs have straps or fasteners to help them stay in place. You can also use custom-fit caps to smooth the hair.

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    You should ask if more hair can be added later when the wig thins in places. A quality wig will last from two to three years but with little repairs its life can be expanded to six years.

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