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Selling beats is something that you can do as hobby. It will not only help you spend you leisure time in a pleasant mood but will also bring you money. It is even possible for you to make a living by selling beats. You just need to be ambitious and at the start because you will be facing a lot of competition.

Soundclick is one of the best platforms where you will be able to get fair value in return for you music beats. Selling maximum number of music beats on Soundclick can be fairly easy if you know the right way to do it.


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    Apart from Soundclick, there are numerous other websites that allow you to sell music beats. In order to sell more beats on Soundclick, you need to categorise it as your primary choice for selling beats.

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    The next thing you need to do is to create a Soundclick account. There are 2 types of accounts that you will be creating. A general account and a band account. When you are done with the general account, you will be given an option to choose between free band account and VIP band account for which you have to pay of course. A VIP band account would cost approximately $9.95 a month. But if you know how to use your Soundclick band account, even the free one will suffice for the job.

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    Now it is time to design your band site. Let your objectives help you out in the designing phase. With the beats that you are putting up for sale, tag along some relevant graphics and website links. Relevancy of the graphics and links is very important and must be given high priority.

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    Make it a regular practice to study Soundclick forums after you have put up beats for sale using your Soundclick account. This is very important because on these forums, you will get to know what customers are looking for and what your competitors are doing to meet customer demands.

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    Social networking websites relevant to music prodution such as MySpace can help you give more exposure to your Soundclick page. Spread word through your friends and them to visit your Soundclick page.

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