How to Soften a Plastic Raincoat

We all tend to use plastic raincoats in our daily life to avoid getting drenched in rainwater on days when it rains cats and dogs! It is, however, a common problem with these raincoats that they get stiff and harden after a long use. You can follow a very easy method to get rid of the uncomfortable stiffness and soften the coat. It is not only an effortless process but also very cost effective. All you need to have is a dry towel, a brush with plastic hair and leather magic or vinyl conditioner. So follow any or all of the below given directions and give your plastic coat a new life.


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    Washing the Coat

    Washing tends to make a plastic coat soften. Before washing read the washing instructions of the coat carefully. If you find it machine washable then wash it with a mild detergent in cold water and hang it so it can dry after some time. Avoid drying it in the dryer, because it can melt. Repeat this step once or may be twice.

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    Wring or squeeze the Coat side to side

    You can always soften your coat by spreading the coat on a dry towel and then rolling up the towel and mildly squeezing it from side to side, irrespective of whether the coat is dry or wet.  Repeat this process a few times and then unroll the towel.

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    Brushing the coat

    Brushing is yet another technique to soften a plastic raincoat. So, brush the coat with a hairbrush but ensure that the brush only has plastic threads and not metal, otherwise the coat will be damaged. Focus on brushing the arms as they are in motion all the time.

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    Applying vinyl conditioner

    Apply any vinyl conditioner or leather magic to the coat. This will further soften the coat, protect it and add to its waterproofing capacity.

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    You may repeat any of the above mentioned steps till it gets as soft as you want. The coat is now ready to be used.

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