How to Spy On the Babysitter

Have you ever felt the need of spying on your child’s baby sitter while you are away at work? The task has been simplified since the invention of ‘nanny cams’. These cameras are affordable and more importantly very easy to install. Nanny cams range from $100 to $400 in price. Apart from the spy camera, you will need a smart phone or a computer where you can watch video feeds from the camera. Here is how you can purchase and setup the right spy camera which will make it very simple for you to spy on your nanny.


  • 1

    Go to a local computer store or Radio Shack so that you can pick and choose from various available brands of spy cams.

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    When choosing the spy cam, keep your budget in mind. Remember that you will want to install the spy cam yourself. Choose more than one models and narrow your choice to one model by reading reviews and asking questions about each camera model.

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    After you have chosen a spy cam, check its video quality. You can ask the sales person to connect the camera to a displaying device so that you can analyse the picture quality.

  • 4

    You will have to install particular software on your computer or cell phone so that you can remotely view the video feeds from the camera. Make sure that the software CD or DVD is included in the package.

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    Negotiate the price and buy the cam. Before you start installing the camera, test it a few more times to ensure that the cam is working properly. To check the functions available in the camera, refer to the instructions manual that came with the package.

  • 6

    Pick the appropriate spot where you want the spy cam to be installed. Ideal spots for a nanny cam are teddy bears, clocks or smoke detectors. However, you can install the cam where ever you want. You just need to make sure that the babysitter will not notice the cam.

  • 7

    Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and install the cam. After you have installed the spy cam, install the software required to monitor it your smart phone or your computer. To make sure every thing is set up the way you wanted, access the camera according to the instructions given in the instructions manual.

  • 8

    Use the spy cam to keep a check on the baby sitter’s routine. Make sure that you do not blow the cover by acting paranoid.

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