How to Start a Moving Company Business

Are you looking to start a moving company business? For those, who are interested in investing in this lucrative business opportunity, they should know that starting a moving company will require more than just a strong person to move things around.

Moving business typically allows the home owners to outsource the job of moving their household products from their house to a registered company. Surveys have shown that moving from one place to another is a annoying and people do not mind paying a fee to a moving company who can take the responsibility of moving the goods safely. To be able to move things to a new resident, the company must provide large transport vehicle. Additionally, it should be insured to protect the items on the vehicle.


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    Before you start this business, you will need to come up with a proper business plan. Every year, several small businesses are started and by the end of the year many of them shut down due to lack of financial capabilities. If you are looking to dive into the business of moving items, you should look nowhere else but read this post as there are several things you must to make your dreams come true.

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    Contact the local regulatory body and obtain all the required licenses and permits. Be prepared to pay any upfront fee attached to obtaining the license.

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    Consider speaking to one of the team members of your chosen insurance company. You must pay for the liability insurance for any damage that might occur to the goods of your client during transportation. With the liability insurance, if such an event takes place, your client’s good will be either replaced or paid for. You will also want to acquire insurance for the vehicle used for moving goods. Consider contacting the local insurance companies to find competitive rates.

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    Buy a vehicle either online or from a showroom. Trucks and vans of your choice must be bought before doing anything else as you will be using them to move your clients’ household items. Take your time to get discount on vehicles.

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    Set up a small office and purchase a computer, laptop, chairs, desk, table, printer and fax machine so you can work efficiently. You can also sell boxes to your clients to maximise the profit. Hand trucks should also be bought from a local store in order to lift heavy items.

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    Work on the marketing strategy and promote your business among the people in your area. Social media marketing is also an excellent technique to promote your business online.

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