How to Start an Anime Club at School

Anime fans are a rare and passionate breed, but do not find much acceptance among common folk. However, an anime club can be a great way to bring together lovers of Japanese animation at your school, and satisfy your desire to share, enjoy, and discuss our favourite anime shows and movies.

Things Required:

– Television
– Anime DVDs and videos
– Japanese snacks
– DVD player or VCR


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    Start the club by seeking permission from school management. Submit a written proposal if necessary, or simply speak to any teachers in charge of extra-curricular activities and clubs. Proceed with the club only when you get the go-ahead.

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    Next, once you have obtained permission to go ahead with the anime club idea, start attracting members. If you have a group of friends who enjoy anime as much as you, your club is all set. However, if you are starting from scratch (or looking to expand your membership later on), you can stick up flyers, arrange for announcements over the PA system, and post invitations to club meetings on discussion boards.

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    Once you have put together a group of people, it is time to search for a meeting place. This can be a classroom, a public library, someone’s house, or any other place where you obtain permission to stay for long, hold meetings, and can set up a television and DVD or VCR player. The television and DVD/VCR player will require some careful arrangement, so make sure you figure out details well in time for meetings.

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    Set down some rules for the club. Discuss how often you will meet, and what sort of anime you plan to watch (take everybody’s preferences into account). You will also need to put people in charge of several tasks, like selecting a venue, arranging for the television and DVD/VCR, getting the anime, and bringing snacks. Make sure everyone exchanges phone numbers and email addresses, so you can all communicate and coordinate.

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    Once you have arranged everything, enjoy the meetings. Watch anime together, and make sure they are accompanied by snacks – Japanese snacks should be perfect in this case. Once you have finished a meeting, discuss what you watched, and allow everyone to pitch ideas for what to watch next – in the end, put it to a vote.

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    In addition to watching movies, club members can take part in additional activities, like going out for sushi together after meetings. Once the club begins to grow and garner popularity, you can look into expanding, or even consider things like membership fees.

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