How to Stay Awake All Night

Though, night is associated with sleep but there comes such moments/events when you need to stay awake. It can be anything like studying for exams, working until late hours or even catching a flight early in the morning.

Mostly, people manage to stay up until the middle of the night but it becomes difficult for them to stay alert in the second half. If you are one of those then prepare well before the event. Just remember that it is all about controlling your mind.


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    Adjust your routine:

    You should get some sleep before the night as adjusting your routine can be really helpful. The human body is habituated to relax during the night and if you will provide it some rest before regular hours then you will stay fresh and alert during the night.

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    Avoid eating too much:

    You should not be eating too much in dinner as it will cause laziness and you won’t be able to resist the temptation of slumber. Try something that is cold, revitalising and nutritious as it will help you stay up.

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    Use plenty of water:

    Use ice cold water during the night. The refreshing impact will perk you up and ultimately you will be able to stay awake all night.

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    Coffee and energy drinks:

    You may try coffee, energy drinks or something else containing caffeine as it can help keep you from dozing off. However, be careful about the amount of caffeine as it can really upset your stomach.

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    Have some good company:

    If you can invite someone then don’t hesitate as one can avoid falling asleep through conversation. The other way to interact is making a phone call to someone who can stay awake with you.

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    Keep lights, TV or music on:

    If you are all alone at home then keep your lights on as darkness will take you towards sweet slumber. Similarly, watching a movie on TV or listening your favourite songs can also help. This gives an impression that there is a lot of activity around you.

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    Do multiple things:

    Doing the same thing all night can cause boredom so you should switch your activities after half an hour. Sudden changes will keep you active and full of life.

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    Stay away from bedroom:

    One thing that can really help you in staying up all night is to avoid lying on your bed. Stay away from your bedroom as this corner of your house is associated with sleep and will make you lazy.

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