How to Stop Being a Conservative

Have you been a conservative since forever but now want to change yourself? Have you recently realised that your beliefs and way of living life was not very appropriate? If yes, then you have already started moving away from conservatism. The very fact that you sensed a mistake in your beliefs and actions is something that sets you apart from the conservatives. However, there are a few more things that you will need to change about yourself before to fully get conservatism out of your system.


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    You may have heard the motto “live and let live” a number of times in your life. Understand what it really means and start acting on it. You have no right to tell others how they should live. You have no right to force others to embrace your beliefs. You can be whoever you want to be, but do not expect others to follow the same path are you. Instead, learn to respect their freedom. Focus on your life and making it better instead of teaching others who to live theirs.

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    Start respecting people irrespective of their sexual orientation. Review on your position on same-sex marriages and start supporting their fight for this right. Understand that people do not choose who they fall with. This happens on its own. If a man falls in love with a man or a woman falls in love with a woman, accept and respect their feelings. If possible, become a voice for these people at different forums.

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    Vote for political parties and candidates that do not have conservative beliefs. Bringing liberal politicians into power will help to ensure that the people are not stripped of their freedom to live the way they want. Conservative leaders, on the other hand, take away a significant amount of people’s freedom.

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    Accept change and resist hard-liners. Things keeping change with the passage of time, mostly for the better. However, there are people who like to hold on to the traditions and therefore reject change. Do not come under the influence of such people. Instead, move with the world and welcome change when it arrives.

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    Give more value to humanity than religion. The latter is used in most cases to instil fear into others and force them to do something against their wishes and desires. Do not let false or distorted religious beliefs take precedence over humanity. Speak up for the value of humanity on different forums. If any person, organisation or country is violating human rights, condemn them.

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