How to Stop Bullying on the Bus

Apart from the victim, bullying on a bus can endanger all passengers on board. Since there is not much space available on a bus, the risk of injury to more than one person in case of a bullying incident is great. Although stopping bullying is not as simple as it may sound, still it is something that can be accomplished by putting in a little effort.


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    To avoid mishaps caused due to bullying, the bus company should introduce and enforce strong regulations for all passengers using the bus service. In simpler words, a zero tolerance policy should be implemented on the bus. Anyone found bullying another passenger should be dealt with very strictly. Apart from legal action, the bus company should ban the person bullying another passenger for at least a whole year from riding on the bus.

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    If it is a school bus on which you are trying to stop bullying, make sure that the students remain seated during their journey. In this case, it will almost be impossible for a student to bully another student on board the school bus. In case of a bullying incident, inform the school management immediately, advising them to take strict action against the student who was bullying a fellow student.

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    Installing security camera inside the bus can greatly reduce bullying incidents. The camera will record events as they take place in the bus. You can use the camera recording as evidence against the culprit, thus ensuring that the person who was bullying others is brought to justice. Apart from preventing bullying, a camera installed in a bus can also prevent theft as it enhances security inside the bus.

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    If you are a parent, an administrator or an educator, you must be able to comprehend signs of bullying even if the victim does not sound the alarm himself. Out of the way behaviour, torn clothes, hesitation while boarding the bus and intentionally making efforts to miss the buss are some of the signs which indicate bullying.

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    Never ignore a bullying incident. Bring it into the bus company’s or the school management’s notice as soon as possible. Every six months or so, arrange a seminar in which you should elaborate the detriments of bullying on a bus. Encourage people to report bullying incidents and ensure that the bullying incidents they report will be taken seriously and prompt action will be taken against the aggressor.

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