How to Stop Dry Skin around Nose

Dry and chapped skin around the nose is a common problem that people face during dry winter months. Excessive nose blowing and some beauty products can also cause dry skin between your nose and upper lip. Besides being irritating and painful, this dry and flaky skin also affects your appearance, since it is hard to cover up.

While you can soothe cracked facial skin around the nose using several over the counter products. There are also some natural ointments that are really effective in treating the problem.


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    Things Required:

    - A mild, non-irritating facial cleanser
    - Water
    - Aloe vera plant gel
    - Soft, plush towel
    - Petroleum jelly

    Wash your face with a non-irritating cleanser

    Gently wash your face with a moisturising cleanser (avoid scrubbing or rubbing your skin). Do not use very hot water to wash your face, it may further dry out the affected areas. Pat dry your face with a soft and clean towel, gently dabbing the irritable areas.

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    Apply Aloe Vera gel onto affected area

    Take a piece of aloe vera leaf, break it into two pieces and collect the gel in a small bowl. Dab this gel on dry and chapped areas around your nose and let it stay on your face between washings. Apply it every time you wash your face.

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    Petroleum jelly or moisturising cream

    Apply petroleum jelly or any other non-perfumed lotion/ cream around the nose daily before going to bed in the night. Dab a tissue paper over your skin to remove excess oil. Petroleum jelly has the greatest knack to trap moisture and natural oils in your skin, but it is best used at night. In the day time it can attract unwanted dirt and dust.

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    Increase humidity level of your home

    For optimal results, use a humidifier to increase the humidity level of your home and office. A humidifier adds moisture to dry air and prevents the skin from cracking up.

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