How to Stop Static Cling in Hair

Static cling can be a pain, and attempting to tame your hair when all it wants to do is stand up straight on your head is a pretty difficult task. Hair becomes especially prone to static cling in winters, mostly due to a whole bunch of seasonal factors, prime among these the frequent use of clothing items like sweaters. However, while static cling might be uncomfortable and look odd, there are several ways to tame your hair, and make it lay down flat like it is supposed to.

Things Required:

– Dryer sheets
– Anti-static mist
– Natural bristle brush
– Negative ion hairdryer
– Moisturising conditioner
– Clarifying shampoo
– Humidifier


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    Excess oils, minerals and chemicals tend to collect in hair over time, and these can result in static cling. To eliminate these, it is helpful to use a clarifying shampoo after a couple of weeks, in order to rid your hair of these elements, and prevent any static from building up.

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    Proper hair care can go a long way in eliminating static cling. In addition to clarifying shampoo, it is also essential to use a moisturising or deep conditioner – this will help your hair remain nourished, and prevent any dryness, which tends to aid the production of static in hair.

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    Alongside the clarifying shampoo and moisturising conditioner, there are several ranges of hair care products specially designed to eliminate electrostatic build-up in hair. Sunsilk has a special line called the Winter Collection, which consists of a shampoo, a conditioner, and an anti-static mist designed to combat static cling.

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    Static cling is sometimes exacerbated by blow dryers – one way to fix this is to invest in a negative ion hair dryer. These are less damaging to hair, as they break down water molecules onto wet hair, thus eliminating static.

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    Flyaways caused by static cling can all be put to rest with the use of a fabric softener dryer sheet (these are made to prevent the production of electricity in the dryer or washing machine). Simply run the sheet over your hair lightly, and watch as your newly tamed flyaways settle magically into place.

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    The type of hairbrush you use can also have a massive impact on increasing or decreasing the amount of static cling in your hair. Brushes with natural bristles will always work better than synthetic ones, as the latter tend to increase the production of static in hair. If you are unable to find brushes with natural bristles, try using wooden, or wide-toothed combs.

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    Finally, an excess of static cling in hair may be due to a lack of moisture and humidity in your home. Use a humidifier to get rid of any excessive dryness in the atmosphere of your home, and promote humidity levels. This will make a huge difference and lessen the static in your hair.

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