How to Stream Live TV to Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is lauded as a great multimedia powerhouse, which can not only play video games, but also be used for many other multimedia services. Over the time, many people at Microsoft and at other organisations have developed a number of software to tinker the ability of the device in a positive way. However, streaming TV channels was something that was yet to be done on the Xbox 360. Microsoft has not launched any program, so far. However, you can still stream TV channels on your Xbox 360, as many websites have now started tweaking minimally to stream TV on the device.


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    Orb program is a great way to stream live TV to Xbox 360. You can visit the Orb’s official website and find the Orb software. Click the “Download” button and a popup window will appear, asking you about the location where you want to save the setup for the software. Provide the destination folder path and click “Save”. The download will start.

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    After the software download is complete, run the setup file. Follow the installation wizard to complete the installation process. You will also be asked to set up a new account at Orb, during the installation process. Continue clicking “Next” button, until the “Finish” button appears. Click it and the software will be installed completely.

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    Now, select the "Video" tab from the “Media” tab on your Xbox 360. You will now see a new window appearing on your screen with "Computer" highlighted from the list. Without changing the highlighted option, use the “Y” button or the "Enter" button on your DVD remote, to select the highlighted option. Then click “Next” to proceed.

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    You will now be asked whether you have media-sharing software installed on your computer. You should click the “Yes” button and select the name of your computer from the list that will pop up on your screen.

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    Now go back to your computer and run the Orb software that you installed in the earlier steps. Look for your favourite channels that you want to stream to Xbox 360. Highlight the channel you want to stream and click the "Favourite" button to add it to your favourite list. Repeat the process for each channel you want to add on your favourite list. The channels will now start appearing on your Xbox media server.

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