How to Study Aztec Society

Aztec society was developed by the Aztecs of central Mexico, centuries before the conquest of Mexico by the Spanish forces. It was a pre-Columbian society, strongly influenced by the cultures of many regions of Mesoamerica. Aztec society was heavily independent on agriculture and warfare to run their economy. This society was politically based around the city-state, known as Altepeti.

One of the most fascinating things about the Aztecs is that they made education mandatory for one and all in the society, in an era, when mankind did not give enough importance to this crucial facet of life.

Students of history often have to do research about Aztec society but they find difficulties due to a number of reasons, one of which is the language.

Things Required:

– A computer
– Internet
– Research documents about Aztec society


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    Sources of information

    In order to study about the Aztec society, first of all you need to make a list of the sources of information. The documents written after the Spanish conquest in Spanish language are among the major sources of information that you can find about the society. A 12 volume ethnographic description of the Aztec society, Florentine Codex, is one of the most important documents, which was compiled by Bernardino de Sahagun.

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    Recent studies

    The archaeological study of pre-Columbian Aztec civilization, conducted in the recent decades, has revealed some very important information about the Aztec society, which should help you immensely in your studies and the effort to understand the trade, culture and the social structure of the ancient civilization of that region.

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    Online study

    The advancements of information technology in the recent years has made study and research about any topic extremely easy for us. Internet allows you to research about any topic at home, helping you save time and a lot of effort. Lots of information about the Aztec society and its traditions are available online.

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    Understand the Aztec writings

    If you are really keen to conduct a deep and efficient study of the Aztec society, it is strongly recommended that you make efforts to understand the writings of the ancient Aztec folklore and mythology.

    If you are able to understand the first hand information, you would find yourself in a much better position to appreciate the beliefs of the Aztecs, their history and their cultural traditions. This should also help you understand their religious customs and the fear of God.

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