Getting Your Website Discovered by Dogpile Search Engine

As a webmaster, it is really important for you to get your website indexed by different search engines, so that you can get a good organic traffic to reach your site. Whenever you create a new content, you must add it to the search results, so that people can get to know about the available of the specific content on your website. is one of the best search engines available online, which many people use to get their desired search results. Therefore, you should make sure that your website is being listed on Dogpile, so that you can increase the level of traffic visiting your website.


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    Dogpile is a search engine that compiles search results from different other search engines and displays the most relevant results in front of the users. For instance, if you search for a specific keyword, Dogpile will take data from different search engines, such as Google, Bong, Yahoo! etc, and will arrange the list of websites in front of you.

    Dogpile also lists the name of search engine against each result, where it was found. So, in order to get your site indexed in Dogpile, you must index your website in some of the prominent search engines.

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    Individually submit your website to each of the search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo!, as they are lauded as the best search engines used by people all over the world.

    Each search engine requires to you to follow different rules and procedures to add your URL. However, all of them allow you to add your URL using their dedicated websites. You can visit each search engine’s webmaster section, to find out the correct way of adding your URL.

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    The search engines also allow you to get your website indexed by adding your sitemap, using the search engine’s webmaster tools. So, you can visit webmaster tools for each of the search engines and submit website’s sitemap.

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    Once you are done with adding your URL to prominent search engines, you should wait for around one to two months, to get your website to appear in the search results. Right after your website starts appearing in Google, Bing, Yahoo! etc, it will automatically get indexed in Dogpile too.

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