How to Take Screenshots on Your Computer

You are playing a game and finally you managed to defeat a friend. You want to broadcast your accomplishment to entire friend list on the social network but no one is going to believe you unless you publish something with a proof. The score line at the end of the contest can be saved by you with the help of a screenshot. You can keep the picture as a proof of your landmark and you can show it to your friends so that in the morning, they can tease the loser and praise you for a marvellous victory. It is just one example where you can use screenshots. Others can be like saving important part of some document or anything that you want to keep. Some proof for a case etc.


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    You need to know what to save. The screenshot will save whatever is on the desktop for a short term. So, if you think that the print on your monitor will go away in some moments, you better fasten yourself and take a screenshot. Understand what to save and then act according to the steps given below.

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    Find the print screen button at the top right of your keyboard. It is beside the Num lock key. You will have to look for it. Every keyboard has a different set of keys apart of the basic letters so you will have to locate the “Print Screen” button. Make sure you know where the button is especially in the cases when the print you need to save will vanish from the screen abruptly.

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    When you get the print you want to save, just press the “Print Screen” key on the keyboard and do nothing for a second. Nothing will happen by pressing that key at the front end but in the backend of the processing, computer will save the screenshot in the Random Access Memory.

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    Now open the Start Menu which is located at the left bottom corner of the desktop on your system. Click it and point to programs, point to accessories and open “Paint”.

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    You will have to either go to “Edit” and click “Paste”. The screenshot will be pasted on the “Paint”. You can save it. You can also press “Ctrl” and “V” simultaneously to print the screenshot as well.

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    Save the file with .jpg extension to your desired location.

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