How to Teach a Child to Drive

Sometimes it may be hard to believe that the cute baby you held in your arms is now a teenager, chopping at the bit to drive him or herself. It can be nerve-wracking experience to hand over a vehicle to their children as they are concerned about their lives and safety. Properly teaching your child to drive and under your own guidance can definitely alleviate some of the parents’ worry concerning safety. Teaching your child to drive is a fun activity where you will love to guide them through various phases and preparing them on the basis of your skillful advices. Therefore, make sure not to make driving an overly stressful experience for your child as it can put a negative impact on their mind. Being nervous while handing over a car to your child is no doubt a worrying experience, but do not forget that you have been through all these stages to become a good driver. Your extra concern can make driving difficult for your child; so, trust your child and train him or her in proper way to produce another good driver in your family.


  • 1

    Driving Manual

    Give a driving instructions’ manual to your child and ask him or her to read it carefully in order to understand all the basic rules of driving.

  • 2

    Take a test

    Take your child on a drive and explain him or her some basic rules on the road. Ask them about various signs, traffic signals, and speed limits on various occasions etc on the road to test their knowledge.

  • 3

    Oral instructions

    Once your child get an idea of various driving instructions, spend some time with him or her in the car to explain them some basic things. Given below are some of them:

    - Let your child to familiarize all the controls on the vehicle
    - Train them about look using the back mirror at regular intervals
    - Let them know about the location of the indicators, lights and wiper switches etc
    - Instruct them about the proper use of indicator
    - Guide them about the setting of the side mirrors properly
    - Tell them about the location and of emergency brake and hazard lights
    - Help your child out to get the seat and steering wheel in the accurate positions

  • 4

    Go drive!

    Select a spacious and calm place to begin the real driving instruction and let your child sit in the driving seat. Now you have two options of driving; either train your child to drive an automatic car or a manual one. However, it is said that the child with manual driving skills will take no time to understand the automatic driving. Therefore, help your child to learn How to Drive a Manual Car.

  • 5

    Test drive

    Once you child gets all driving basics’ down, he or she is ready to rock the roads. However, it is better to select a comparatively quiet street or road to start on.

  • 6

    Drive safely!

    When you are satisfied with the driving skills of your child, it is the time to go on busier streets, roads and interstates. Let him or her drive on their own style and do not interrupt them as they can get nervous. Once your child gets this part down, you are home free. You have effectively taught your child how to drive and kept your wisdom!

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