How to Teach a Child to Focus

Usually when parents open their child’s academic report card, the most usual comment that come across is that “Your child needs to FOCUS more.” if same is the case with you, then it is very essential for you to learn all the possible tactics to teach your children to focus. On the other hand, even teachers find it a tough challenge to teach their students to focus on studies and other useful activities. Attention disorders, tensions and distraction due to ongoing activities in the surrounding are some of the main cause why children find it difficult to concentrate. Whatever the reason is, the children do not have any other option except to focus as they have so much to see, do and learn within the specific time period. Time is the most precious asset of life that never waits for anyone. So make it useful for your children or students by facing them to focus. This simple but very useful guide of step by step contains all the best possible ways to teach a child to focus under various circumstance. Follow it and enjoy your child focusing on studies and various other activities:


  • 1

    Make a timetable

    Make a timetable for your child, allotting enough time for studies and other activities. Make sure that your child follows it thoroughly as it helps your children to focus if the daily routine stays the same. However, do not forget to make a balance timetable for them so that they can time for outdoor activities or some other co-curricular activities in order to refresh their mind.

  • 2

    Make their mind

    Make sure to have professional attitude for transition from one subject to another and make their mind in advance. it is better to have few minutes' friendly discussion with the students in order to get their mind out of the previous lecture and to take them towards the topic of the day.

  • 3

    Use attention symbols and gestures

    Use such attention symbols and body language that are effective and persuasive enough to grab the attention of your child or student. Use such tactics on regular basis to provide the children with time to adjust and get mentally prepared.

  • 4

    Make studies and situations interesting for children

    Boring and dry materials and environment make things uninteresting for children and their concentration diverts automatically. So, try to make studies interesting for them by following the give below methods:

    Use visual aids: children of any age group can be easily taught to focus with the help of visual reminders. For example, make numerous posters regarding educational activities and place them on the wall of their classroom in school or bed room at home.

    Give practical examples: Quoting practical and interesting examples help to teach the children to focus.

    Use practical methods: Use of some practical methods also promotes the habit of focusing. For example, rather than asking the children to learn whole chapter or pages, you can ask them to highlight the main points with the help of highlighters. Few highlighted lines with the important points of the whole story make it an easy task for children to focus and learn within no time.

  • 5

    Encourage Group Discussions

    More brains give birth to more options and ideas. Apply this simple formula in case of your children and encourage group discussions as friends can often be the best instructors. it is a simple method with more amazing outputs.

  • 6

    Provide the children with right environment to focus

    Environment provided to the children matters in focusing. Make sure to provide your children with the calm and peaceful environment to concentrate on studies and other activities. Keep them away from the noisy environment and the naughty kids that can distract their concentration.

  • 7

    Try Breathing Exercise

    Breathing exercise plays essential role in teaching the children to focus.  All you have to do is instruct your child to close his mouth and inhale (take in) air through nose. Now, hold it for few seconds and then gently release (exhale) it through mouth. Ask your child to repeat it few times a day, prior to starting studies or other activities. This simple breathing exercise is useful in increasing the patience level of your child and his or her ability to focus.

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