How to Train a Bus Driver

When driving a bus, the bus driver is not only responsible for his own safety but is also accountable for the safety of the passengers on board the bus. Keeping this in mind, it is imperative to train a bus driver properly before letting him drive a bus on a full-time schedule. Be as thorough as possible while training a buss driver.


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    Before starting to train a person as a bus driver, make sure that the person knows in detail the driving procedures and ensure that he is well familiar with road signs. Conduct a preliminary test if necessary.

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    Ask the to-be driver to adjust the mirrors in the bus properly. Educate the driver about the usage of side and rear view mirrors while driving the bus. Ask him to familiarise himself with indicators such as fuel gauge and the engine heat gauge.

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    Let the trainee drive the bus for a mile or so. Closely monitor his ability to comprehend road signs and see if he is using the mirrors properly. Ask the trainee to bring the bus to a sudden halt. The best way to avoid a road accident is to bring the bus to a quick stop. To test the trainees ability to bring the bus to a sudden halt by placing cones in a parking lot.

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    A bus driver should be able to park a bus parallel to other buses easily. Most bus companies have designated parking spots for certain buses. Apart from that, a bus may need to be parked in a smaller space due to an emergency. Make sure that the trainee can park the bus without creating fuss.

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    Ask the trainee bus driver to spend at least one day riding in a bus and observing the bus driver. At the end of the day, ask the trainee to write a report as to what he had learned during his observation.

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    Let the trainee drive the bus at least a couple of hours for a couple of weeks. Choose a time when there are few passengers in the bus. Accompany the driver yourself. This will enable the trainee to hone his skills behind the wheel.

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