How to Treat Bad Breath in Children

Bad breath, also known as Halitosis, is one among the common mouth diseases in children as they tend to respire through their mouth. Breathing through mouth causes dryness and as a result the anaerobic bacteria flourish rapidly. There are many other causes like thumb sucking, long sleeps, and poor hygiene etc. No matter what the root causes of bad breathe in children are, you really have to treat it in your first priority as it can lead to social withdrawal or anxiety.

Follow this simple guide in order to get an idea how to treat bad breath in children:


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    Advice your children to brush, brush and brush

    Hygiene is the very basic requirement to get rid of bad breath in children. So, encourage your children to brush their teeth three times a day. Ask them to use soft toothbrush and to spend at least two minutes in brushing their teeth so that the toothpaste penetrates into the roots of their teeth and to remove food particles from on and between their teeth. No doubt, majority of children do not like teeth brushing. If your children are one among them, then you can use various techniques to make this activity fun for them. What you can do is, buy a toothbrush with some of their favorite cartoon characters on them. Secondly, use only children's toothpaste with a cool essence. Moreover, electric toothbrushes are also available in the market, which are more effective in cleaning teeth than the manual toothbrushes.

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    Advice your children to brush their tongue

    Ask your children to brush their tongue as well. While brushing their teeth, they can rub the soft brush against the surface of their tongue. If your children are old enough, ask them to scrap their tongue with a tongue scraper in order to remove the food coating and dislodge food particles from the surface of their tongue. Tongue scraping or brushing helps in controlling the growth of mouth bacteria.

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    Advice your children to floss

    Suggest your children to floss their teeth before and after brushing their teeth. If your children under the age of eight year, you can help them in flossing their teeth. Flossing teethe help in removing the trapped food and other particles between their teeth.

    How to floss? Take floss and wrap its two ends around your index fingers of both hands. Softly ease the floss between two teeth and form a “C” shape against the surface of any one tooth. Pull the floss with help of your index fingers until it is tight around your tooth and then lightly guide it up and down from the chewing surface to under the gum. Repeat this procedure with every tooth.

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    Advice your children to drink plenty of fluids

    Water is the best solvent and a very effective natural remedy to deal with dental & mouth diseases. Ask your children to adopt a habit of drinking plenty of water or sugarless drinks per day. It helps in keeping their mouth hydrated and as a result they will enjoy fresh breathes.

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    Advice your children to chew sugarless gum

    Give your children a sugarless gun to chew if he or she is older enough to know that they do not have to swallow it. You can ask them to chew sour sugarless candies as well. Chewing sugarless gum or candies helps in producing saliva in the mouth of your children. This helps in washing away the anaerobic bacteria.

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    Advice your children to avoid junk foods

    Children love junk foods, but you can let them know politely that it is one among the major causes of the bad breath problem in them. Not only bad breath, junk food is the major reason of so many other dental problems in children. Ask your children to replace the junk foods with healthy foods.

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    Advice your children to consume less sugary food items

    Chocolate and sugary drinks are another major cause of bad breath problem in children as they stimulate the bacteria in their mouth. So, ask them to avoid sugary food items as much as they can.

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    Advice your children to rinse their mouth

    Suggest your children to rinse their mouth with lukewarm water after eating anything. It helps in removing various flavors and food particles from the surface of their tongue and in-between their teeth.

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    Advice your children to follow some home remedies

    Given below home remedies are the most effective, safe and economical ways to treat bad breath in your children. Advice your children to follow them and enjoy refreshing breath:

    Chew parsley: Take few fresh leaves of parsley and rinse them thoroughly. Now, ask your children to chew them fore few minutes and discard at the end. It helps in getting instant fresh breath.

    Chew cilantro leaves: Your children can chew fresh and rinsed leaves of cilantro in order to get rid of bad breath problem.

    Chew cloves, cinnamon and cardamom: Dry herbs like cinnamon, cardamom and cloves have nice essence, which helps in refreshing bad breath. Advice your children to chew cloves, cinnamon or cardamom whenever they feel galling with bad breath.

    Eat fruits rich in vitamin C: Fruits like lemon, orange or carrot are rich sources of vitamin C and help in treating the bad breath issue in children.

    Eat fiber rich foods: Give fiber rich foods to your children and reduce the bad breath problem in them. Corn, white beans, black beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, edamame, whole wheat bread, lentils, oatmeal, and almonds are not only children’s favorite food items, but rich source of fiber as well. Moreover, take advantage of the in-season fiber rich vegetables, and fruits.

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