How to Troubleshoot an NEC Laptop

NEC laptop is mostly used to get assistance in business related activities. It provides many features related to accounting and management. Although, it can be used as a personal computer, but it will be better for you to use it for business purposes only. If you keep it up-to-date and maintain it properly, you can enjoy trouble free operations.

Most of the time, your laptop face some issues in  its operating system due to which you may have to troubleshoot it in order to resolve the problems. If you are looking forward to troubleshoot your laptop, you can take help from the given steps.


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    First of all, you have to check the battery of your laptop in order to ensure that it is properly plugged into it or not. You can easily check the battery by removing the lid from the back of your laptop. If your battery is low, plug in the AC adapter right away so as to complete the process without any kind of trouble. On the other hand, if you will not insert the charging cable, you laptop will automatically go on standby and you will not be able to troubleshoot it.

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    If there is no electricity available or you are facing any loading shedding issues, you must keep an extra battery which you can use to overcome the issue. Furthermore, you have to insert the plug in the right socket so that it may not get out during troubleshoot.

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    Keep your system on powers-saving mode so that it may consume less battery. Then, press ‘Fn-F2’ in order to select the LCD display of your laptop. You can easily find the ‘Fn’ key on the lower side of the keyboard while the ‘F2’ key is given on the top line of your keyboard.

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    After that, you have to press ‘Fn-F5’ so as to turn up the brightness of your laptop’s LCD. Just unplug the non-functional components which are attached to your system externally. Then, attach them once again with your laptop and the drivers will be installed automatically.

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    Install the operating system from your recovery discs which came with the accessories of your NEC laptop. Reboot your system and click on F11 to enter the setup. Then, select the ‘NEC Instant Recovery’ option in order to troubleshoot your laptop.

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    The procedure may take a little time. Restart your laptop after the recovery process is completed.

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