How to Un Clump Eyelashes

To give eyelashes length, volume, and definition, many women opt to use mascara on a regular basis. While it does the trick most of the time, however, mascara can also have an unattractive effect, when it causes eyelashes to clump together. If you are looking to darken and strengthen your lashes and avoid the clumping effect at the same time, there are certain guidelines you can follow to achieve the desired result.

Things Required:

– Eyelash comb
– Eye makeup remover
– Two-sided cotton swabs
– Heated eyelash curler
– Eyelash brush


  • 1

    Start by making sure your face and eyelashes are completely make-up free. Wash your face, and use a cotton swab to ensure that there is no dirt or leftover makeup on or around your eyelashes.

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    Now, pick up your eyelash comb, and open your eyes wide to make it easier to work – position the comb at the roots of your eyelashes in the centre, and start combing upwards in sweeping motions. Do the same with the lashes on the right and then left side of your eye, brushing upwards all the while. Once this is done, repeat the same procedure on the other eye.

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    After you are done combing through your eyelashes, study them carefully for any residue or flakiness. Dip one end of a cotton swab into the eye makeup remover, position it near the roots of your upper lashes, and sweep upwards, before applying it to the lower lashes by sweeping downwards. This will act to de-clump your eyelashes.

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    Now turn the cotton swab over, and dip the clean end into the eye makeup remover, and repeat the procedure with the other eye, sweeping over both the upper and lower lashes. After this is done, plug-in the eyelash curler, and wait around 3 minutes for it to get warm enough.

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    Once the eyelash curler is sufficiently warm, open it and position it as close to your eyelash roots as possible, and close the clasp. Now, move it upward in a gently sliding motion, and apply this to the upper lashes on both your eyes – the heat from the curler will soften your lashes, making them more supple and clump-free.

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    Finally, use a clean eyelash brush to go over your lashes once again, starting to brush from the roots and moving upwards. Your lashes will now be clean, curled, and separated, ready for mascara application.

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